We require the following items.........

1.Electrical and Electronic Equipment including

  •    Sponsorhip of students starting from BD700 per year

2. Classroom equipment, Materials and Educational toys including:

  •      20 Wooden puzzles  from BD2.5 upwards
  •     Stickle bricks
  •     Natural wood building blocks.
  •     wood Sort & Stack PT22 (53 pieces) 79.95 USD

3. Playground and Sports Equipment including:

  •     2 shades for the playground and entrance (1 large and 1 small).
  •     Beanbag Activities Pack PT01-857 179 USD
  •     Trike Set 749USD PT01-809 www/[wa[/cp,

4. Stationery Items including:

  •      A 3 paper
  •     Various Arts and Crafts resources (such as Glitter, Large different coloured thick Chart paper) Gold and silver calligraphy pens, gold and sliver art paper
  •     Ink Cartridges for our computer printers.

5. Miscellaneous:

  •      Resouces for Vocational Training  for older students.
  •     Garden maintenance / Cleaning. (volunteers for this are welcome)
  •     Gardening implements.
  •     support for making a short film about RIA and its students.

6.     A 12 seat mini van